My Story

As early as 11 years old, I had been building my own computers and diving into the evolving internet as a hobby. I studied Psychology and Mathematics at the University of Kansas and initially started work as a Technical Support Specialist and had moved on to Software Testing but couldn’t stomach the notion of cubical life at such a young age.

A career in web development is something I had always entertained and kept on the back-burner. After a leg injury in 2017, I had used the downtime during recovery to study JavaScript in detail and get a strong grasp of Object Oriented Programming. Now, being 110% invested in it, I’d like to work supporting the STEM industry and play a role in developing the future of humanity.

Lifelong Ambition

With a diverse array of hobbies and passions, I'm always able to push myself and find adventurous opportunities. I aspire to be a contributing part of meaningful movements bigger than myself.

A career in the making

As a self-taught developer, moving into a professional atmosphere through formal pathways is the goal.